20180527 i had an outburst / rant on twitter

I came to ham radio to avoid politics as it was sucking me dry. I expected that there would be a lot of comradery and I wasn’t disappointed as there is… however there is also some back biting and angst among the masses too for various reasons… and thus radio politics 🙁

Nets that have used the same frequency for years just fire up and barge off anyone using ‘their’ frequency – I haven’t seen this myself but I’ve read many a report of it happening.

Also, hams moaning about those with little experience, fluffing their way through things as they learn stuff.. it’s a hobby that is all about learning and the only way you do that is by trying things… when you do try and then get crap thrown at you its very demoralising…

Anyway, my moan the other week was after a twitter follower trolled a tweet I made… slagging off the advertising in TX Factor episodes (its an amateur radio YouTube channel) and moaning about the advertisements in  RadCom too. The professional production and effort that goes in to making these videos & magazine is huge… take a look at them yourself, I’m sure you will agree they are very professionally produced and the video quality of TX Factor would look quite at home on any mainstream TV channel. To obtain this quality content and production for both the video and magazine a lot of people give their time for free but some things cost money… and TX Factor is supported/sponsored by Marin Lynch & Sons and the RSGB – the antagonist basically said that there shouldn’t be any advertising, not even in the RSGB’s popular RadCom magazine (published monthly for members). I tried to explain to them that the support the advertisers give and the money they pay is very valuable as without, productions such as TX Factor and RadCom wouldn’t be possible – they however disagreed. A bombardment of tits for tats took place, I pointed out some home truths and then they blocked me only to then say it was I that did the blocking – childish!

What I was trying to get across to them is that yeah, sure no one likes an advert however they should just understand what help that money brings to the bigger picture – I’ll flick past an advert if it doesn’t interest me or I will take the time to look/listen… you can even learn stuff from ads… regardless, just like TV and film, if you don’t like it don’t watch it or read it!


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  1. Sensible post here Adam. Glad I stumbled upon you on 40m this weekend, we seem to share some points of view… 73s de F4HZN Lawrence (Laurent)

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