20161025 hams are a very generous bunch!

In the post yesterday was a box containing a revised version of the KF5INZ “Easy Digi” kit as modified by Paul, M0CNL https://m0cnl.blogspot.co.uk/ – I mentioned Paul on my last post about how I thought he had unfortunately drawn the short straw to help me with this… I didn’t expect that help to be giving me a kit though, thank you so much Paul…!! I really cant wait to get started… It appears to be pretty simple but what I’ll do is post my progress, pictures and a write up of how I get on setting it up, sorting cables etc.. however during the week its unlikely anything will happen as I’m so pooped plus I need to tidy the kennel up – its a bloody mess!

Regarding the title of this post “hams are a very generous bunch!” – In the short time I have been involved in amateur radio I have only ever come across people who want to help – be that by giving equipment out FOC, imparting lots of advice or just their patience in putting up with (and answering) stupid questions that only a beginner can ask and which I have probably asked more than once  – whilst I’m sure every hobby has a similar sort of Elmer type within it I think that hams are a different breed all together. It appears they always want to help, they want to be part of someones enjoyment and learning process, it gives them as much enjoyment giving as it does the person they are giving too… (“always be a giver”) – so far I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of some. THANK YOU Paul for this kit and to all of you who are helping me progress and learn!

Once this Easy Digi box is complete watch out for some weird SSTV images from me – I cant wait 🙂


  1. Honestly it was nothing to give you a kit as a surprise. I am happy to help out a fellow Ham, after all it’s what we Hams do or should I say “should be doing” to help each other out in whatever small way we can. I believe it’s the spirit of being a Ham, to help each other out in any small way we can whether that be by sharing knowledge or in this case sharing equipment I can easily spare plus a little knowledge along the way.

    It gave me pleasure to give that to you and I hope it will give you pleasure using it and the wealth of data modes it will open up to you and the knowledge you will gain from it. Very soon you will know as much if not more than me about the data modes and with any luck you will soon be in a position to spread that knowledge to other Hams which in the end only benefits us all in the hobby and perhaps perspective Hams of the future.

    Don’t limit yourself to just SSTV as that is just a very small part of what this interface can do, JT65 springs to mind. You will be absolutely astonished at how this can pick out DX stations out of nothing more than what sounds like just background static, although with stronger signals you can actually hear the data. I know the first time I tuned to 1.838 USB and fired up the software, all I could hear was static but somehow the software was showing QSO’s from Japan, New Zealand and Australia I was gobsmacked. Just make sure you PC clock is sync’d correctly to the atomic clock with something like Dimension 4 to avoid problems and to make sure you are operating in the same time-frames as everyone else “should be”.

    Anyway…… I hope it gives you many many hours of enjoyment over the coming years (Just don’t blame me for all those late nights you will probably get out of it).

    Remember that it can operate ANY mode where the software supports using a soundcard as the interface between computer and radio.

    Good luck, good DX and most importantly……. ENJOY !!!!!!!!!

    Catch you on the bands somewhere.



    • Thanks Paul!

      I’ll let you know how I get on and indeed I look forward to the day when we will have a QSO, however it will have to be digital eh! 😉

      de MU0WLV (Adam)

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