The “Shack”

UPDATE: 10th June 2018: image above is as of today’s date
I’ve been a ham now for just over two years and as I am sure you will all agree the first year or two you are finding your feet, learning what you like and what you dont, trying all sorts of stuff… well that’s what I’ve been doing.

Current state of play as follows….

  • Aerials:
    40m dipole, 20m dipole, 10m vertical, 6m dipole, VHF/UHF generic white stick (vertical), Alaskan Arrow
  • Radios:
    IC-7300, FT817ND, FT857D, Baofeng UV5R plus FT102 that needs work (relays)
    Yaesu FC-902 Antenna Tuner
    I have a 2m linear, Mirage B1016 which will give me about 130w on 2m with the 5w input from the 817
  • The Shack:
    now has lots of shelves and is laid out much better, cable runs sorted etc. Its full of stuff that may be useful.
    There are many a half finished project lying around.. an old Icom scanner, a CW transceiver which was given to me to complete (thanks Colin, MU0FAL I haven’t forgotten it), a CDE (hy-gain) T-2X Tailtwister (made in 1988) – I want this for some SSB VHF action but still have to sort a pole / mast and also sort the bearings, need to order an adapter for the rotator to mount atop a pole and the bearings too – there is also a controller being donated by a kindly soul in the UK (Steve, M0BPQ)

Lots of other stuff on the go, playing SSTV, still wanting the sats home station but that’s still a long way away, still learning Morse code SLOWLY and still very much enjoying the head space the shack gives me 🙂

Below is looking from above the operating position back… shack is about 10′ x 8′ (3m x 2.4m)

UPDATE: 12th December 2017: still out of date and not to mention a pigsty – even have a new lawn mower in it at the moment taking up far to much space… I feel a tidy up coming between Xmas and New Year 🙂

UPDATE: 2nd November 2017: this page is really out of date – in 19 months so much has changed… update coming soon 🙂

just started out and it already needs tidying.. here are a couple of early shots just after clearing and turning in to a workshop / shack… crap quality phone shots, sorry!

2016-01-17-10-16-56  2016-01-17-10-17-13