20180215 How do YOU make time?

I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to play radio – with young’ish kids (10 & 14) and being self-employed along with the usual family commitments a few snatched minutes, usually only over a weekend, is about as much as I can manage just lately. However sometimes I do make a point that I am doing nothing other than playing radio for an afternoon (only occasionally) or when IOTA comes around then I dabble in that for 12 hours (I feel obliged living on EU-114) 🙂

I should add, once I get home of an evening and had my tea and sat down its usually gone 20:00 and I’m not fit for purpose 😉

So how do you make the time, especially if you have young children etc… whats the secret…?


  1. I retired in June 2019 and still don’t seem to find enough time for radio. Oh, and the kids are all away now.

    • Hey Andrew – nice to work you yesterday on 40m SSB

      I’d love to retire as I have so much I want to do (it doesn’t involve travel either), however I have a few more years to go yet (or a lottery win)…

      I’ve never understood it when people say they are bored after retirement or they would have to work somewhere to keep busy… I think that if I retired now at 52 I would still be sorting stuff around the house and garden well in to my 60’s… busy busy busy – and then there the projects I have around the hobby 🙂 I also have a plan to make a weather station and learn Arduino programming etc. for it.. how I’d love to be able to concentrate on that during the day rather than work ha ha

      Hope to work you again..

      All the best – Adam 🙂

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