20170107 HNY & M0CNL’s easy digi

First of all – Happy New Year! Hope its a great year for you all and I look forward to posting here a lot more and also much more regularly, I’ve lost the momentum it seems and hope to get back on to it soon, in fact if my plan for today comes off then there will be a few posts up in the not to distant future…

M0CNL’s Easy Digi (sneak peak image above) – this has stalled – after finally receiving my din plugs from China I got the box all wired up ready to go, then tried to install the USB/RS232 cable – I now find out that my install of windows needs re installing… I also tried to install a web cam (a microsoft one too) and that wouldn’t work either.

So, everything digital has stopped for the time being awaiting the time when I reformat the HDD and start re loading everything – needless to say I’m not keen… at the same time though I will install Linux as dual-boot with the hopeful eventuality of moving across to Linux in entirety – we will see…
so.. sorry, again nothing much to report on the digital side of things… 🙁


  1. I am struggling to get EasyDigi working with my Linux Mint pc. I am new to Linux. I don’t understand how a “Port” is referenced. I’m also struggling with the driver installs. Any help you can provide is appreciated. I am a former IT professional.

    • Hi

      sorry for the delayed response – i never actually got it working myself – that was probably a connection issue as i managed to get it to receive just not transmit. Then i have away the radio it was for and handed over the easy digi with it – i dont think he has got around to connecting it up yet to sort it out either.

      As you a former IT professional you should get a better grasp from googling anyway – i guess you already have given my tardiness in replying. sorry!


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