20160905 I PASSED!!!!

Started from no licence in January 2016, took the Foundation and Intermediate exams at the same time in April 2016 (with Les 2U0LRB) and then on the 24th August 2016 I took the Advanced/Full exam and today received the result = Wow, i truly am shocked that i passed and that i passed with a MERIT! – Foundation was 96% and the Intermediate was 80% but to get the merit for the Full all in 8 months, just wow – i honestly wasn’t sure if i had passed the Full or not – you know when you get the feeling of ‘it was easy’ or ‘it was hard’ i had neither, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t hard so truly was unsure of if i had passed or not…. brill, so pleased with myself!!

So off i went looking for call signs, every one i wanted had gone – i had asked Ofcom for a list ages ago but nothing was forthcoming – so i just resigned myself to tapping ideas in to the web portal site to see if a certain call was available… a day or so passed and then my wife suggested WLV i had no idea why to which she reminded me of our address ‘Woodlands, La Vassalerie’ – it was available and i couldn’t be bothered to search out more names – and so the call was born – its about a month later now as i type this out and i am still struggling to remember it – i have stickers everywhere to remind me 🙂

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