20161101 Tropospheric Conditions

On Sunday/Monday I experienced my first tropospheric conditions.

It took me a little time to work out which repeater I was hearing and it turned out to be GB3WR which is situated in the Mendip Hills (approx 130 miles / 200 km from Guernsey).

On Sunday I spoke with Nigel, 2E0XUZ, near Dartford – Paul, M0CQE, near Oldham – Rob, 2U0WGE in Guernsey – Phil, 2W0PCE in Wales & Wayne, M6WCE near Romford – they were all working through the GB3WR repeater – having not heard or operated these sort of conditions before it was quite strange – repeaters on the same frequency competing with each other or blocking one that should have been the stronger – very strange.

What really amused me was talking to Rob, 2U0WGE – we have met a few times in person but never worked each other – in fact I haven’t seen or spoken to him since about April this year – funny we should meet on a repeater 130 miles away – Guernsey is a small place and yet its so very big – ha ha ha ha…  🙂

Monday, on route home, I parked up briefly just to tune around 70cm (my home 70cm antenna doesn’t work) – I found another repeater which seemed very strong and this time it was on the Isle of Wight GB3IW (approx 105 miles / 170 km from Guernsey) – here I spoke with a couple of stations Mick, 2E0BUK in IoW & Tim, M6TIY, in Southampton which again was something completely new to me – working the UK on UHF.

When I got home I spoke M0CQE again through GB3WR but the signals were much much lower – where previously they were a S5/7 now no signal at all, conditions were obviously decreasing… it was fun whilst it lasted 🙂

Guernsey only has one repeater (70cm GB3GU) and hearing different ones and actually being able to operate through them is very unusual – I’m looking forward to the next time now that i know what to expect. It also makes me want a 2/70 yagi at home – my imaginary antenna farm is increasing 😉

The lead image is from William Hepburn‘s website – there you will find up to date tropospheric maps and other information & resources… 

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