20170821 Chertsey Radio Club Summer Raffle

So, I’ve found myself promoting the Chertsey Radio Club raffle – two great causes and some fantastic prizes to be had – and a ticket is JUST £1 – ONE POUND!! 🙂 At that sort of price why not get 5 or even 10 tickets??

The Prizes are as follows…

RetevisRT82 dual band DMR radio – approx value £180.00
RetevisRT36 pair of kids PMR radios – approx value £25.00
Kanga ProductsM0TGN Morse tutor kit – approx value £40.00
Kanga ProductsDX40rx kit – approx value £50.00
RSGBInternational Antennas, book – approx value £15.00
RSGBStealth Antennas, book – approx value £15.00
ChertseyRCwill provide a years membership to AMSAT-UK – approx value £15.00

The money raised has already started to go where it was intended, please click on this link to read more… https://chertseyradioclub.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/project-thomas-watch-now-has-ofcom.html#

Total prize pot of an estimated £340.00 – I think its a great cause and some really great prizes to be had – get your wallets out and buy some tickets, not just one, buy a few!! – you can do that by clicking on the picture below and scrolling down to the bottom of the page – there is a drop-down menu where you can select from 1 ticket to 20 – good luck – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my tickets!! 🙂


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