20171208 Begali “Simplex”

As my Morse code progresses (I’ve still not learnt all the characters yet) I feel I’m missing the actual hands on keying. I’ve been listening in the car most days to the trainer (25 wpm Koch/Farnsworth method) and currently have 18 characters including the numbers left to learn (or try and learn), excluding prosigns. I have a straight key that I was given which I cleaned up – However I wasnt really feeling the love for a straight key operation – having had a play on a very old paddle keyer and much preferring the idea of a paddle I posted a question on Twitter regarding a the Kent key – within the responses a  Begali Simplex was mentioned – a very slick looking key… I fell in love…. It was a little more expensive but it looks to be finished so much better than the Kent. I did however quizz a few people and the reports that came back were all exceptional – so my remaining cash from the sale of my motorbike has now all gone on the Begali key, nothing left for frivolous purchases… I pushed the button yesterday – cant wait now 🙂

I contacted Begali about shipping to Guernsey and also because we are outside of the EU we don’t have VAT here, many European suppliers don’t understand but no such problem with Begali – The service received from Bruna was excellent – a hands on approach and personal style of Customer service thats very much lacking in the world these days.

So I’m looking forward to further exploring the world of CW and sending some Morse with the Begali “Simplex” when it arrives 🙂

The Begali website can be found here – http://www.i2rtf.com

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