20170723 new radio ordered!

Its taken 17 months of saving and the sale of a motorbike but I now have some disposable income to throw at radio.

I think like most hams I have a wish list that is never ending, some things that are just dreams, others require patience.

I am now starting to buy some of my wish list and I have pushed the button on an Icom IC-7300 – from Monday a great local emporium will be beavering away for me along with answering an additional a few questions.

Thanks to Robin and team at Radio Electronic Services Ltd for their patience! 🙂

Next on my list is the Alaskan Arrow, not necessarily at its full length for sats (my arms aren’t that strong) but for some portable VHF/UHF operating AND sats.

There is also ANOTHER radio on the hitlist – The Yaesu FT-857D – with this radio it will give me a small ish radio for portable HF radio fun and as it has the 100w I’ve found works so well from home, hopefully it will provide better results when out portable than my Yaesu FT-817ND did – I’ll be connecting the FT-857D to some new antenna wires that I hope to make for 40m & 20m etc. HOWEVER, more importantly, it means I can have full duplex on the linear sats when tied to the FT-817ND 🙂

I also need to buy a few extra little bits and bobs I’ve been holding back on too to help me on my way & to make life a bit easier and then I’m all spent out for a while, unless I win the lottery – exciting times ahead thats for sure – I’m quite looking forward to playing portable with a bit more oomph and I am especially looking forward to working on the linear sats 😉


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